A483 Pneumatic Steel Strapping Tool




A48.3401 Suspension bracket normal.
A48.3406 Suspension bracket front.
A48.3413 Suspension bracket lateral.
A48.3419 Suspension bracket universal with integrated air supply.

The most rugged pusher type strapping tool of its kind for continuous and shift
operations demanding a high working reliability


Strapping qualities: Uniflex and Ultraflex max. 1100 N/mm2 / 160’000 psi
Strapping dimensions:
widths = 25.0 and 32.0 mm / 1 and 1 ¼”
thicknesses = 0.80 – 1.00 mm / .031-.040”
Weight: 19.5 kg / 43.0 lbs with suspension
Average seal strength: approx 75%
Type of seal: Overlap seals, see chart
Type of Joint: Double notch upcut joint
Suspensions (Optional): Four different suspension brackets are available; have to be
ordered separately, see accessories


High performance machine with an outstanding record of performance in the steel and non ferrous industries. The perfect double notch upcut seal joint is accomplished in one operation. Inserting of the strap into the tools is easy since the feed wheel is lifted pneumatically and no operator effort is required.

Specifications Sheet


Item No.ModelUniflex and Ultraflex
max. 850 N/mm / 123’000 psi
Max TensionTension Speed
13.4731A483/25/0.80-1.00/7.0/UNI/A251″0.80-1.00.031-.040700015702008.0 A
13.4770A483/32/0.80-1.00/7.0/UNI321 1/4″0.80-1.00.031-.040700015702008.0
13.4771A483/32/0.80-1.00/7.0/UNI/A321 1/4″0.80-1.00.031-.040700015702008.0 A
13.4780A483/32/0.80-1.00/9.0/UNI321 1/4″0.80-1.00.031-.040900020201606.5
13.4781A483/32/0.80-1.00/7.0/UNI/A321 1/4″0.80-1.00.031-.040900020201606.5 A
Item No.ModelUltraflex
max. 1100 N/mm / 160’000 psi
Max TensionTension Speed
13.4711A483/25/0.80-1.00/7.0/UNI/A251″0.80-0.90.031-.035700015702008.0 A
13.4750A483/32/0.80-1.00/7.0/UNI321 1/4″0.80-0.90.031-.035700015702008.0
13.4751A483/32/0.80-1.00/7.0/UNI/A321 1/4″0.80-0.90.031-.035700015702008.0 A
13.4760A483/32/0.80-1.00/9.0/UNI321 1/4″0.80-0.90.031-.035900020201606.5
13.4761A483/32/0.80-1.00/7.0/UNI/A321 1/4″0.80-0.90.031-.035900020201606.5 A

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