P329 Strapping Tool

P329 Strapping Tool


Price listed is for Tool ONLY. Battery and Charger must be purchased separately below.

The next generation of battery operated plastic strapping tools is here! The new models are available as P328 and P329, replacing the prior models, P326 and P327. These strapping tools are equipped with the modern Lithium-Ion battery technology and a reinforced brushless 18 Volt motor.

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Order Coils


Model #Coil WidthCoil ThicknessBreak StrengthCoil LengthCoil ColorCoil WeightPriceBuy
P329 43.25225/8".301,100 lbs.3,600'Black41 lbs$100.00
P329 43.25225/8".351,400 lbs.4,200'Black53 lbs$100.00
P329 43.25225/8".401,600 lbs.4,000'Green57 lbs$122.00

Product Specs & Repair Inventory


Item No.ModelStraps WidthsStrap ThicknessMax TensionTension Speed
Order Parts43.2522P329/16/0.65-1.05165/80.65-1.05.025-.041400090049-791.9-3.1
Order Parts43.2532P329/16/0.65-1.05193/40.65-1.05.025-.041400090049-791.9-3.1
Order Parts43.2533P329/19/1.06-1.35193/41.06-1.35.042-.053400090049-791.9-3.1
Item No.ModelStraps WidthsStraps ThicknessMax TensionTension Speed
 Automatic VersionmminchmminchNlbsmm/sec.inch/sec.
Order Parts43.2722P329/16/0.65-1.05165/80.65-1.05.025-.041400090049-791.9-3.1
Order Parts43.2732P329/19/0.65-1.05193/40.65-1.05.025-.041400090049-791.9-3.1
Order Parts43.2733P329/19/1.06-1.35193/41.06-1.35.042-.053400090049-791.9-3.1

Battery Chargers for Model P329

Item No.ModelCharging TypeTensionCountries
N5.4447Battery Standard ChargerLi-Ion120 V / 50-60 HzBR, C, CDN, CO, CR, DOM, EC, GCA, J, JA, KSA, LB, MEX, NIC, PA, Puerto Rico, RC, RP, USA, YV

Additional information

Weight12 lbs
Dimensions10 × 10 × 4 in
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43.2522 [5/8" .026-0.41"], 43.2532 [3/4" .026-0.41"], 43.2533 [3/4" .042-.053"], 43.2722 A [5/8" .026-.041"], 43.2732 A [3/4" .026-.041"], 43.2732 A [3/4" .042-.053"]