Fromm Packaging Systems has over 60 years of providing our customers’ quality products, services and world class value. Our factory produces according to strict ISO 9001 directives.Every single one of the products made by us undergoes a strict quality check down to the minutest detail plus a thorough function check.Using the very latest technology, our experienced team of engineers continuously develops new processes and products. All innovations undergo the most stringent tests and achieve the high quality standard characteristic of Fromm. A standard of quality setting the market trends.

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Our product line of Strapping Tools include:

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The next generation of battery operated plastic strapping tools is here, equipped with the modern Lithium-Ion battery technology and a reinforced 18 Volt motor.


The next generation of battery operated plastic strapping tools is here (replacing P326), equipped with Lithium-Ion battery technology, no tension rocker for easier removal of tool after cycle and a reinforced 18 Volt Brushless motor. Adjustable tension force up to 585 ft./lbs.

This tool is the latest extension of battery operated plastic strapping tools for heavy strapping applications. Very powerful tool for strapping widths up to 32 mm/1 1/4“ and with a high tension force up to 7000 N. Equipped with latest 36 volt Li-Ion battery technology.

The excellent mechanical features of Polyester strapping often allows the substitution of the traditional steel strapping used in many industries.

The outstanding elongation of Polyester strapping offers a high shock absorption capacity during transportation as well as during handling of the goods.

The NEWEST Plastic Strapping Tool strapping up to 1 & 1/4″ .053″ thick strap up to 7,000N (1,570lbs) – first tool in its class.

The P380 Plastic Strapping Tool designed for strapping on small or round surface applications– first tool in its class.

The FROMM Group designs, develops and produces a wide variety of systems for unitizing and palletizing goods for transport: strapping machines and systems, pallet stretch wrapping machines, the patented Airpad pillow system, together with all necessary consumables. Established in 1947, the Swiss company pursues a policy of logical vertical integration while upholding traditional values such as proximity to customers, quality consciousness, continuity, independence and environmental awareness, which are the reasons for decades of success.